Chadwick Bay Ballers Developmental Baseball


All Chadwick Bay Ballers coaches shall clear a Background Check and Abuse awareness Course from Pure Baseball. Contact the organization for instructions on how to complete them.

Organization Owner/Coaching Assistant '21 12U/14U Manager - Paul Trippy Jr. 

'21 "8U Hit Crew" Manager - Bill Berkshire

'21-22 8U Machine Pitch Manager-TBD

'21-22"9U Hit Crew" Manager - Bill Berkshire

'21-22 10U Manager - TBD

'21-22 11U Manager - TBD

'21-22 12U Manager - TBD

'21 13U Manager - Gary Gustafson

'21-22 "13U Chautauqua Ballers" Manager - Joel Stein Jr.

'21-22 "15U Lake Ballers" Manager - Richie Langer


Please check out our Coaching Resource Page. The page is password protected, so contact Paul for the password. Special thanks to Coach George Roberts for contributing valuable documents to our collection. If you see anything beneficial to add please contact Paul.